The GRID Factory run Pico’s beta NVIDIA CloudXR client, empowering the Cavrnus platform on mobile headsets.

We are very lucky that we get to work with some amazing partners. Enabling and maturing our ecosystem, to ensure the success and availability of cloud streamed XR is something that we are very excited about. So, when our friends at Pico sent us their latest mobile headset, the Neo 3 Pro, we wanted to try it out with the amazing technology of NVIDIA CloudXR, and accelerate the premium spatial co-presence application of our partners at Cavrnus.

The methods and results can be viewed here, on our LinkedIn page. Please get in contact if you would like further details, or a demonstration.

The GRID Factory has tested NVIDIA CloudXR in every conceivable configuration and provided great feedback during our early access program. They bring a level of expertise in the scaling of NVIDIA CloudXR in combination with NVIDIA’s RTX Virtual Workstation software that will enable extended workloads on NVIDIA data centre and edge GPUs.


Greg Jones / Director, Global Business Development / Product Management, XR

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