Case Studies

Our expert engineers have delivered a variety of augmented and virtual reality experiences.

NVIDIA CloudXR Case Study

The Green Planet AR Experience

Located at 55 Regent Street, London.

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NVIDIA CloudXR Case Study

5G Edge-XR

The GRID Factory worked with BT, Dance East, Condense Reality, Salsa Sound and the University of Bristol to deliver the VR and AR experiences through 5G networks in the UK.

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NVIDIA CloudXR Case Study

Building Bespoke Educational XR Environments

Working with leading telco partners Vodafone and Ericsson, The GRID Factory helped deploy the UK’s first 5G Standalone network that runs a bespoke VR experience for education at Coventry University.

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What they say

The GRID Factory’s expertise and experience in integrating Virtual Reality experiences is second to none. Their knowledge and advice has gone a long way to ensuring the success of our project. I would whole heartedly recommend them and their services to any organisation involved in Virtual or Augmented Reality projects.


Kevan Taylor / Senior Programme Manager

The GRID Factory has tested NVIDIA CloudXR in every conceivable configuration and provided great feedback during our early access program. They bring a level of expertise in the scaling of NVIDIA CloudXR in combination with NVIDIA’s RTX Virtual Workstation software that will enable extended workloads on NVIDIA data centre and edge GPUs.


Greg Jones / Director, Global Business Development / Product Management, XR