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5G Edge-XR is a project that has used a combination of 5G networks and an Edge-GPU based architecture to support a range of high-end XR services. These include case studies where the use of this technology is being applied to  Boxing, Dance, Stadiums, MotoGP, Engineering, Retail and Health. 

For this project, The GRID Factory worked in collaboration with BT, Dance East, Condense Reality, Salsa Sound and the University of Bristol. As a company, we designed and deployed the high-performance GPU accelerated Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platform, that delivers high fidelity XR content over 5G and other high-performance networks in real-time, as well as taking the lead on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) use case.

Image Credit: Provided by BT

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Where a building can be conceived, co designed, engineered and then deployed as a 3D model both off and on site.

Current methods of design, approval and build have several known roadblocks that lead to inefficiencies, delays and ultimately higher, unpredictable costs.

These include:

Design Phase: Collaboration between professionals in different disciplines such as Architecture, Interior and Exterior design.

Approval Phase: Inability of key stakeholders to quickly visualise and understand any changes or measure progress without being physically together and/or on site.

Build Phase: On site decisions involving professionals from multiple disciplines are time consuming and expensive leading to “Fee burn” a variable that can seriously impact cost and profitability.

This project explores how the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality approaches can have a positive impact on all three of these issue areas and aim to significantly reduce time and increase quality in each. This, in turn, will reduce cost, mitigate risk and uncertainty and driving better outcomes for all stakeholders.

The Commercial impact of this innovation can lead to sustained competitive advantage for Customer in terms of performance and reduction of “Fee Burn”.

Sports Broadcast – Boxing

Real-time virtual volumetric video hologram on viewers’ coffee tables. Live action and replays can be viewed from any angle. AR scene viewable on smartphone, tablet and AR headsets. Presentation can be synchronized with the live TV Broadcast feed. Interactive Graphics and Statistics panel. Editorially driven experience with commentary and automatic replays.

Rights holders and TV service providers seek to develop exemplary experiences of sports to build the value of such experiences. Value can be derived from subscriptions, advertising and from pay per view revenue. Augmented reality broadens the palette for innovation allowing multiple simultaneous streams and 3D representations to appear in space in the users environment.

Successes of the Project

There are a number of measurables that will define the success of the project, and will look to define the future of streaming content and XR within the UK and internationally. The technology is being tested in sports, such as boxing, stadiums and MotoGP. The application could be revolutionary for hundreds of thousands of sports fans by streaming to home in an XR setting.

In addition, this technology is being tested in areas such as healthcare and education. This could facilitate virtual learning environments for students across the world. 

The GRID Factory has tested NVIDIA CloudXR in every conceivable configuration and provided great feedback during our early access program. They bring a level of expertise in the scaling of NVIDIA CloudXR in combination with NVIDIA’s RTX Virtual Workstation software that will enable extended workloads on NVIDIA data centre and edge GPUs.


Greg Jones / Director, Global Business Development / Product Management, XR

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