The combination of the CavrnusTM Metaverse building platform and The GRID Factory’s domain expertise in high performance, low latency delivery is an industry game changer.

Sutton, UK, 12, October, 2021 — Cavrnus, Inc. and The GRID Factory announce the signing of their strategic, global partnership. This collaboration enables The GRID Factory to integrate CavrnusTM into their high performance, low latency extended reality solutions for the enterprise.

Head of XR Solutions, Tom Murray shares, “We are always excited to integrate with category leaders in extended reality, such as what we’ve done with NVIDIA’s CloudXR, vGPU, and Omniverse. Adding the Cavrnus enterprise-grade metaverse builder platform to our data-centric, high-performance environments will allow us to deliver our customers’ futures.”

Cavrnus CEO and Co-founder, Anthony Duca adds, “We look forward to seeing the rewarding and transformative extended reality experiences across multiple industries and workflows that will be enabled from our collaboration with The GRID Factory.”

Applications for Use

The partnership enables entirely new classes of solutions for enterprises and brands to make it easy and enjoyable for employees, partners, and customers to come together in new and exciting ways in the metaverse. Delivering new spatial workflows for engineering reviews, operations planning, immersive training, selling in virtual showrooms, and dreaming new experiences requires the end-to-end solution design from servers to software that is the core of what The GRID Factory delivers. The out-of-the-box collaboration tools, true multi-device and multi-platform support, and enterprise-grade security built-into the Cavrnus platform serve as foundational aspects for how The GRID Factory will curate unique immersive solutions across a host of industries and workflows.

About Cavrnus, Inc.

Cavrnus, Inc. is an extended reality technology company, focused on allowing enterprises to build immersive mixed reality experiences across teams for connected growth. The company’s lead product is Cavrnus™, a robust platform with features that enable transformative and multi-functional experiences in the metaverse. For more information, visit

About The GRID Factory

The GRID Factory is a UK-based immersive technology integrator specialising in NVIDIA technologies such as CloudXR, vGPU, Omniverse and EGX Server. The company is centred around the vision of combining specialized high performance, low latency compute with custom software solutions to deliver influential and impactful spatial experiences for the enterprise. For more information, visit

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