The GRID Factory Joins NVIDIA CloudXR as Early Access Partner

The GRID Factory brings NVIDIA CloudXR to 5G and enterprise networks with several new services.


The world is crying out for high quality immersive environments accessible from anywhere, without the need for a powerful local PC, free of connection by wires. For this solution to scale and drive mass adoption, it also needs to be accessible from the cloud, hosted on powerful GPU-accelerated servers. To be cost-effective, the GPU acceleration must scale across multiple solutions simultaneously. Achieving both cloud served XR and scaling across multiple workloads comes with a new set of challenges. As a result of today’s CloudXR announcement The GRID Factory can take any OpenVR solution, and help our customers work out how to scale XR into their enterprise environment. We can guide our customers along the way, from headset or screen to the servers with RTX technology, as one of the few NVIDIA CloudXR early access partners, The GRID Factory has worked with the NVIDIA CloudXR engineering and product management teams across many verticals with a focus on the delivery of high-end immersive experiences. We are engaged with Telco’s, application vendors, and enterprise companies, working on deployment of NVIDIA CloudXR at any scale – be that a small test site leveraging today’s networking standards to large 5G & MEC deployments. This surely is the beginning of the future of enterprise work environments. The GRID Factory has designed and deployed immersive experiences since 2016, essentially since the genesis of immersive spatial computing. Immersive engaging experiences enable people to drive imagination, fuelling agile change. It’s a very exciting job that The GRID Factory does, immersive graphics is shifting into a new league, where companies need The GRID Factory’s skills to make immersion happen anywhere and everywhere in their business without the need for complex hardware at the edge. Imagine the experience, simply open the case on the VR/AR device, connect it without wires to 5G or Wi-Fi Networks, and begin working and experiencing the immersive world setup for your use. Working with NVIDIA on CloudXR, The GRID Factory’s focused on testing and benchmarking the protocol across various immersive workloads. Further, we are actively developing APIs to enable companies to choose the right device for their environment. Our background in NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstations (Quadro vDWS) gives the experience to drive these immersive protocols forwards. One of the big questions The GRID Factory has set out to address is how existing GPU deployments can use NVIDIA CloudXR to extend mixed workloads, driving up the productivity and utilisation of GPU-enabled hardware, while also decreasing total cost of ownership. With CloudXR and NVIDIA virtual GPU software, your Windows 10, Linux, 2D, 3D design and XR applications can co-exist on the same centralized hardware. In conjunction with VMware and NVIDIA, we’ve now developed a tried and tested method to enable the various applications to co-exist and complement each other. For example, if you have a VMware Horizon environment, we can add CloudXR onto that platform to enable immersive graphics. We can turn on new functionality in your existing GPU-enabled deployments, or help you explore the benefits of building one.

Greg Jones, senior manager of global business development for XR and product manager of CloudXR, said:

“The GRID Factory has tested NVIDIA CloudXR in every conceivable configuration and provided great feedback during our early access program. They bring a level of expertise in the scaling of CloudXR using NVIDIA Quadro vDWS that will enable extended workloads on NVIDIA data center and edge GPUs.”

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The GRID Factory has the capability to pre-stage applications that customers are currently using or applications as they are being built. We can be the difference between failure and success as we run analytical tools to understand how the platform and applications will work in our customer’s enterprise. The GRID Factory’s prototyping experience includes working across advanced 5G (MEC) and WiFi6 delivery networks. Working with the various XR HMD manufacturers to tune the headset experience and build an optimal user XR experience. Companies are encouraged to reach out to The GRID Factory team to test their unique use cases at

The GRID Factory, NVIDIA CloudXR and VMware’s collaborative approach to deliver XR as a service enables the full potential of XR & AR enterprise-wide deployments. This brings new challenges such as converting movement into an image in a very small amount of time, we’re talking low milliseconds (10’s not 100’s). These tight specifications require an advanced understanding of how to introduce this alien workload to your company’s IT system; The GRID Factory can help our customers build the understanding needed to address these unique challenges.

With the announcement of NVIDIA CloudXR 1.0 software development kit organisations can rapidly scale XR & AR experiences enterprise wide. The GRID Factory has been working with CloudXR on all networks, with focus on advanced 5G (MEC) and WiFi6 delivery networks. Working with the various XR HMD manufacturers to ensure that clients enjoy the best user experience, expertise in the SDK means that The GRID Factory can tune the Headset Experience and build an optimal user XR experience.

The GRID Factory are launching today several services to deliver CloudXR.

  • Consultancy Services
    • To help you on your Journey with CloudXR
  • CloudXR Development kit
    • PreStaged/Configured Environment to run your own applications on within your own organisation. Build, Develop, Test, and deploy from one infrastructure
  • Managed Services
    • Don’t want to run CloudXR but want the benefits of it? The GRID Factory will run the Immersive Delivery Engine for you
  • Development Services
    • Be spoking Services to fit CloudXR with your exact environment needs
  • Cloud Services
    • Running CloudXR from Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud systems.