Augmented & Virtual
Reality Rendering meets
5G at the Edge



Amongst the numerous exciting announcements that came from NVIDIA’s CEO - Jensen Huang - during the opening Keynote at Mobile World Congress – Los Angeles, the ability to deliver fully immersive, high-fidelity, Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences over 5G certainly ranked at the top. The newly announced technology - which NVIDIA has named “Cloud XR” - was demonstrated live on stage by Jensen who referred to it directly as “Extreme Augmented Reality”. A McLaren Senna consisting of 28 million triangles and 18,000 parts was rendered in the Verizon datacentre in California and streamed to a mobile phone over a 5G connection where the Senna appeared on stage in stunning detail!
As a Cloud XR Early Access Partner, THE GRID FACTORY has been working closely with NVIDIA, testing the Virtual Reality capabilities of the Cloud XR SDK. We have been, and continue to be, extremely impressed with the team at NVIDIA, and what they have created. This technology is very exciting, and offers a new way in which industries, enterprises and individuals can access, use, deploy and manage Virtual and Augmented Reality environments.


The Cloud XR SDK has been designed to work with both OpenVR and SteamVR content, and it can stream to client software running on both Android and Windows. The Cloud XR system works to dynamically optimize its streaming parameters to deliver the best image quality and frame rate to the user, in such a way that the system can maintain the best experience under various network conditions. From our work with the Cloud XR SDK, we have seen no differences in image quality, frame rate, or - arguably most importantly - latency compared to a locally rendered Virtual Reality experience.

The NVIDIA Cloud XR - Early Access Program is available for registration here:


for details.

For registered applicants that would like varying types of support with their Cloud XR installs, testing and POCs, we are able to offer various services where needed to ensure that you get the most out of the Program.